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Craft Beer Times | Dorchester Brewing Aeronaut Merger: A Tale of Two Breweries

Dorchester Brewing Aeronaut Merger: A Tale of Two Breweries

When Bubbly Brews Unite: The Dorchester Brewing Aeronaut Merger Tale

Well, hopheads and lager lovers, grab your pint glasses because I’ve got a frothy tale that’s as effervescent as a freshly poured IPA! The crafty concoction of a story I’m about to tell involves none other than the Dorchester Brewing Company and Aeronaut Brewing, two titans of taste in the beer-splashed landscape of Massachusetts. Oh yes, these two hop-sanctuaries decided to merge, creating a buzz louder than a busy beehive at Oktoberfest!

Just a Pair of New Kids on the Yeast Block

Now, let me take you back, way back, well not too far back – to 2014 and 2016, when the craft beer industry was blessed with the emergence of Aeronaut on Tyler Street in Somerville and Dorchester Brewing Company on Massachusetts Avenue, respectively. Hailing from their humble beginnings, these Massachusetts breweries quickly became the talk of the taverns!

Local Brewery Merger: A Match Brewed in Beer Heaven

So, what happens when two breweries that love their local craft as much as Boston loves its baked beans decide to join forces? A celebration of beer, community, and creativity, that’s what! Word on the cobbled streets is that these two beer brethren have locked arms and are now marching under one banner, pouring their hearts and souls (and hops and malts) into a new era of innovation for our beloved Massachusetts breweries.

Before you panic and worry that your favorite golden ale or dark stout might vanish from the menu, let me ease your fears. Both charming companies insist that they’ll keep churning out the cherished chugs you’ve come to adore. They are, as they say, ‘functioning independently but snuggling closely under one big, cozy parent company blanket.’

Tapping into the Future: Innovation on Tap

Even though the dynamic duo is now united, they promise there’s no doomsday for the Dorchester and Aeronaut denizens devotees. On the contrary, they’re brewing up something even better! Your trusty steins and mugs will continue to be filled to the brim with all the familiar frothy goodness at both taprooms. It’s like having your beer and drinking it too!

And for those who relish a little behind-the-curtain peek, Aeronaut’s larger-scale operations are sauntering over to Dorchester’s digs. Fear not, though, as Aeronaut is still all about that small-batch flair at its Somerville sanctuary, and the Everett Cannery taproom keeps hosting hops until at least 2024.

With overflowing enthusiasm, the newly united breweries are tipping their hats (and tilting their tanks) to what promises to be a bumper-car ride of fresh flavors and community collaboration. So, here’s to raising our glasses high to this Dorchester Brewing Aeronaut Merger!

Oh, and should you wish to cyber-stalk these two brewing beauties, they’re just a click and a clack away at and Go on, give them a loving gaze, or better yet, pay them a visit and tell them I sent you – they won’t know who on earth I am, but it’s the thought that counts!

More than Just a Buzz: A Community Effervescence

Raising a toast to their merger isn’t just about joining balance sheets; it’s a clinking of glasses to the union of communities, the melding of mission statements, and the shared passion for top-notch hop-sloshing. The collaboration between Aeronaut Brewing and Dorchester Brewing Company is a testament to the strength and solidarity of craft beer-lovers. It’s about supporting the local suds, about knowing your brewer’s name, and about feeling right at home, one pint at a time.

The super brewery baby spawned from this union vows to keep the soul of each brand thriving. So yes, you can still enjoy that hoppy IPA or that velvety porter that has become a pillar of your Friday unwind ritual. And here’s the kicker, the breweries are gearing up to usher in innovative brews that might just become your new favorites!

Cheers to Beers: The Future Frothy Frontier

As we swivel our bar stools to face the future, the excitement around the Dorchester Brewing Aeronaut Merger has us on the edge of our seats or, more aptly, the rims of our glasses. The craft beer community is always thirsty for what’s next, and this local brewery merger has us feeling merry, a bit giddy, and piqued with curiosity—what tantalizing taps lie ahead in this brave new world of brew?

To the beloved patrons of these froth factories, worry not. This isn’t the end. Rather, it’s the beginning of more choice hops, more daring drafts, and more reasons to say, “I’ll have another!” So let’s toast to Dorchester Brewing Company and Aeronaut Brewing, to the kindred spirit of the brewers, and to you, the noble navigators of the Ale Atlantic.

Cheers, beer buddies! Let’s drink to the next chapter of beer, where every sip is a story, and every gulp, a tantalizing glimpse into a future filled with endless pints of possibility!

We raise our glasses – to new fusions, to lasting traditions, and, of course, to the unmatched merriment that only a local blend of hops, heart, and a touch of merger magic can bring!

Stay spirited, sip responsibly, and forever cherish the bubbly bond of breweries!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about the Dorchester Brewing and Aeronaut merger! It’s exciting to see two renowned craft beer breweries like Aeronaut and Dorchester Brewing joining forces to create something truly remarkable in the industry.

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