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Craft Beer Times | Founders Brewing Collaborates with Greta Van Fleet for Exclusive IPA

Founders Brewing Collaborates with Greta Van Fleet for Exclusive IPA

Founders Brewing Collaborates with Greta Van Fleet for Exclusive IPA

Rock and Brews Collide: Founders Brewing and Greta Van Fleet Team Up for a Special IPA Release

A Match Made in Beer and Music Heaven

Founders Brewing, one of the leading craft breweries in the United States, has just dropped an exciting announcement that has beer and music lovers buzzing with anticipation. In a unique collaboration, Founders Brewing is teaming up with the sensational rock band Greta Van Fleet to brew a limited edition IPA (India Pale Ale).

Beer Meets Music: The Perfect Blend

It’s not unusual for musicians to venture into other creative realms, and the world of craft beer has always cherished collaborations with artists and bands. Founders Brewing has a reputation for pushing boundaries and experimenting with flavors, just like Greta Van Fleet does with their music, making this partnership a perfect fit.

Brewing the Perfect IPA

The limited edition IPA will incorporate the essence of Greta Van Fleet’s energetic and distinctive sound. The band members themselves have actively participated in the brewing process, bringing their passion for both music and craft beer to the project.

Founders Brewing, known for their mastery in the art of IPAs, has worked together with Greta Van Fleet to create a unique blend that perfectly captures the essence of the band’s music. Expect a full-bodied IPA with notes of citrus, pine, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

A Triumph for Beer and Music Enthusiasts

This collaboration between Founders Brewing and Greta Van Fleet is not only exciting for those who appreciate great beer and music but also an opportunity to celebrate both art forms simultaneously. It bridges the gap between brew enthusiasts and rock ‘n’ roll fanatics, merging two passions into one.

Availability and Where to Enjoy

The limited edition Greta Van Fleet IPA will be available in select locations across the country. Founders Brewing has yet to announce the specific locations or the release date, so fans are eagerly awaiting further details. Keep an eye on the official websites and social media channels of both Founders Brewing and Greta Van Fleet to stay updated.

Get Ready to Sip and Rock Out

If you’re a beer lover and a fan of Greta Van Fleet, this limited edition IPA collaboration is something to get excited about. Grab your friends, get your taste buds ready, and prepare to experience the fusion of excellent craft beer with the electrifying sounds of rock ‘n’ roll. Cheers!


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