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Craft Beer Times | Indulge in Blue Moon’s Vibrant Magenta Moon at RiNo Taproom

Indulge in Blue Moon’s Vibrant Magenta Moon at RiNo Taproom

Indulge in Blue Moon’s Vibrant Magenta Moon at RiNo Taproom

The Hippest Place in Denver: RiNo Taproom

If you are a beer enthusiast and love trying out new flavors and styles, you can’t leave out the RiNo neighborhood in Denver from your list. With an incredible variety of taprooms and breweries, this area has become a hot spot where beer lovers can find their new favorite brew.

One of the most iconic and innovative breweries in RiNo is Blue Moon, which has taken the craft beer industry by storm with their inventive and flavor-packed beers. Their latest hit is the exclusive Magenta Moon, which is a limited edition beer available only at their RiNo taproom location.

Magenta Moon: A Dream Come True for Beer Lovers

The Magenta Moon beer is the perfect combination of smoothness, sweetness, and fruityness, which makes it the new star in Blue Moon’s lineup. This ale is delicately brewed and expertly crafted, with the perfect blend of raspberries, black currants, and Samba hops. The result is a delectable pink-colored brew with a twisty tartness and a sweet finish.

RiNo Taproom: A Place to Unwind and Chill

The RiNo Taproom is a haven for beer enthusiasts and socializers alike. The unique ambiance, the murals that decorate its walls, and the communal tables make it an inviting and cozy space where people can enjoy a cold brew and a bite to eat.

At the RiNo Taproom, the main attraction is the extensive beer selection. Here, you can find the classic Blue Moon beer or other inventive and experimental brews that are hard to resist. In addition, the taproom also offers delicious food options like wood-fired pizzas, soft pretzels with beer cheese, and toasted sandwiches.

The Final Verdict: Visit RiNo Taproom and Taste Magenta Moon

If you are in Denver and want to discover a truly unique and flavorful beer, you can’t miss the chance to visit the RiNo Taproom and try Magenta Moon. This beer is available only for a limited time, so you better hurry up and get yourself a pint while you still can.

Whether you are a beer lover or simply looking for a cool spot to unwind, the RiNo Taproom is the perfect destination. With its friendly staff, amazing beer selection, and delicious food, you won’t regret spending an afternoon or evening here. So come and join the fun in Denver’s hippest neighborhood and indulge in a pint of Magenta Moon at the RiNo Taproom.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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