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Craft Beer Times | Jared Welch of Southern Grist: Balancing Progression and Intention

Jared Welch of Southern Grist: Balancing Progression and Intention

Jared Welch of Southern Grist: Balancing Progression and Intention

Jared Welch: Brewing with Progression and Intention

Creating Unique Craft Beers at Southern Grist Brewery

In the world of craft beer, there are few breweries as innovative and exciting as Southern Grist. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Southern Grist has been making waves in the industry with their ability to balance progression and intention in their brewing process. Jared Welch, the co-founder and head brewer of Southern Grist, is the creative genius behind their unique and delicious beers.

Passion for Craft Beer and Innovation

Jared Welch’s journey into the world of craft beer began with a passion for homebrewing. Like many brewers, he started small, experimenting with different flavors and techniques in his own kitchen. It wasn’t long before his friends and family realized his talent and encouraged him to take his brewing to the next level.

Driven by his desire to create something truly special, Welch teamed up with a childhood friend and launched Southern Grist Brewery in 2015. From the beginning, their mission was clear – to brew beers that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what craft beer can be. With a focus on using unconventional ingredients and unconventional techniques, Welch brought a fresh perspective to the Nashville craft beer scene.

The Art of Balancing Progression and Intention

One of the reasons Southern Grist has become so successful is their ability to balance progression and intention in their brewing process. On one hand, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what beer can be, experimenting with unique flavors and ingredients. From their famous “Slushie” series, which features beers infused with fresh fruits and flavors, to their barrel-aged stouts that age in various spirit barrels, Southern Grist is always at the forefront of innovation.

However, just as important as their progression is the intention behind their beers. Welch and his team take great care in ensuring that each beer they brew is balanced and enjoyable. They pay attention to every detail, from the malt and hop profiles to the fermentation process, to create a well-rounded and delicious final product. This dedication to intention sets Southern Grist apart from other breweries and keeps their customers coming back for more.

A Cult Following and Collaborations

Thanks to their commitment to innovation and balance, Southern Grist has gained a cult following in the craft beer community. Beer enthusiasts from all over the country seek out their limited release offerings and are willing to wait in long lines to get their hands on a can or bottle. This loyal following has allowed Southern Grist to collaborate with other well-respected breweries, further expanding their reach and reputation in the industry.

Collaborations have become a way for Southern Grist to continue pushing the boundaries of their brewing process. By partnering with other talented brewers, they are able to combine their unique perspectives and techniques to create one-of-a-kind beers. These collaborations not only benefit Southern Grist, but they also contribute to the growth and innovation of the craft beer industry as a whole.


Jared Welch and Southern Grist Brewery have found the perfect balance between progression and intention in the world of craft beer. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and experimenting with flavors has made them a favorite among beer enthusiasts, while their focus on balance and intention has ensured that their beers are always enjoyable. As Southern Grist continues to innovate and collaborate with other breweries, their influence on the craft beer industry will only continue to grow.


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