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Craft Beer Times | New Owners Take Over The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 in Miami Valley Today

New Owners Take Over The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 in Miami Valley Today

New Owners Take Over The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 in Miami Valley Today

A New Era Begins at The Cellar by Bottle No. 121


Good news for all the wine enthusiasts out there! The Cellar by Bottle No. 121, which has been a popular spot for wine lovers in the Miami Valley area, is now under new ownership.


The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 was a favorite destination for wine connoisseurs in the area since its opening in 2009. They had a vast collection of wines from around the world and always managed to keep their customers satisfied.

However, the previous owners faced some financial difficulties, and the business was up for sale. After a few months on the market, the new owners finally stepped up to take over the business.

The New Owners

The new owners of The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 have an extensive background in the wine industry. They have worked in various capacities, including as sommeliers in upscale restaurants, and they bring with them a wealth of knowledge about different types of grapes, regions, and varietals.

When asked about their vision for The Cellar, they said that they intend to keep the traditions of the previous owners but also bring their unique flair to the business. They have already revamped the inventory and added a few new labels to the collection.


One significant change that the new owners have made is to introduce a wine-tasting event every Thursday evening. Customers can sample seven different wines, accompanied by a selection of cheese and crackers, for just a small fee.

The new owners have also started an online store, allowing customers to browse their collection and purchase their favorite bottles online. They offer free local delivery, making it easy for customers to enjoy a glass of wine from the comfort of their homes.


The change in ownership has brought a breath of fresh air to The Cellar by Bottle No. 121. The new owners’ expertise in the wine industry, combined with their dedication to providing excellent service, has made The Cellar by Bottle No. 121 more inviting than ever. With their unique offerings and exciting events, this is a wine destination that should not be missed.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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