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Craft Beer Times | Refreshing Pink Lemonade Cider Now in Cans by Nine Pin Cider

Refreshing Pink Lemonade Cider Now in Cans by Nine Pin Cider

Refreshing Pink Lemonade Cider Now in Cans by Nine Pin Cider

A Refreshing Addition to Nine Pin Cider’s Summer Collection: Pink Lemonade

Summer is all about soaking up the sun, lounging on the beach and sipping on a refreshing beverage. And, when it comes to the perfect drink to beat the heat, nothing quite hits the spot like a cold and tangy lemonade. But this summer, Nine Pin Cider is taking things to a whole new level by releasing their latest summer seasonal – Pink Lemonade in cans!

What Makes Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade So Special?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nine Pin Cider, they are an authentic New York based craft cider company that has gained quite a following in recent years. Known for using locally sourced fresh apples, Nine Pin Cider has made a name for themselves in the craft cider industry. And, their new Pink Lemonade seasonal is no different in terms of quality.

Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade is made with all-natural raspberries and lemons, giving it just the right balance between tart and sweet. The cider is fermented with champagne yeast and is blended with local honey and cinnamon to create a delicious and refreshing taste that will keep you cool all summer long.

Convenience Meets Flavor: Pink Lemonade in Cans

What sets Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade apart from other summertime drinks is that it comes in cans! It’s perfect for those who are always on the go and want to enjoy a refreshing beverage without having to worry about bulky bottles. Plus, it’s conveniently packaged for outdoor events like picnics, concerts, and beach trips.

Don’t let the size fool you; even in a can, Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade is just as tasty as the traditional glass bottle. So go ahead, pop a can, and savor the sweet and sour flavors of summer.

Where Can You Buy Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade?

Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade is available for purchase at selected stores across New York State. For those who do not reside in NY, the company’s website offer a handy locator that will show where to purchase products. Better yet, they have an online store that delivers to 38 states across the US!

None of Nine Pin Cider’s products are available outside of the U.S, unfortunately. Thus far, they only cater to their local and national fans.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a summer drink that combines the refreshing flavors of lemonade and raspberries with the convenience of cans, look no further than Nine Pin Cider’s Pink Lemonade. Pick up a can of this delicious seasonal cider today and enjoy a taste of summer in every sip.


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